Current Limitation

  • Sometimes there is a need to perform BULK Item Master creation, either from the engineering PDM, inter-company product transfer or simply a new product launches.
  • If you are in a manufacturing company where item master creation is a burden because of the number of items to be created in (1.4.1) or (1.4.3) + (1.4.5) + (1.4.7) + (1.4.9) is too time-consuming and tedious and error prone, you need alternative solutions to entering the data one by one.
  • Once you have setup the Item Master, next you must create the Product Structure and Routing. These 2 screens are not that “friendly” to non-daily QAD users like the engineer, entering incorrect information.
  • Everyone know the limitation of QAD whereby the ABC Class setup by site, Wrong Taxable flag, Purchase/Manufacturing flag will create problems in your daily operations.
  • How about BULK update to a certain group of supplier Purchasing Lead Time, Buyer/Planner code and MRP Order Policy? How do you do all these without typing one by one?
  • Audit Trial for Item Master, Product Structure and Routing has always been a problem for MFG/PRO eB2 and below. Someone has change the Purchase Flag without informing finance and production creating bad planning and wrong costs!!

The Solution

  • Add-on (non-invasive) customization to employing the propriety ERP Consulting LLP concept of “Copy & Paste” from the Excel right into QAD!!!
  • The following steps are how it is done
  1. Step 1-You enter the necessary detail in a predefined Excel format. You can use any common Excel formula as usual, no restrictions
  2. Step 2-You simply “Copy” from the Excel column
  3. Step 3-You go to a QAD screen and paste the values into the screen directly!!!
  • The program in QAD will perform the necessary CIM loading (to ensure QAD logic is utilized) after a very extensive checking and validation.
  • We can configure according to your company rules on how the program can do the validations. For example,
  1. item master coding rules
  2. Purchasing LT from overseas is at least 3 weeks
  3. MRP Order Policy for FG items is always LFL
  • This package can do the following “Copy & Paste”
  1. New Item Master using (1.4.1) + (1.4.5) + (1.4.7) or (1.4.17) + (1.4.9)
  2. New Product Structure using (13.5)
  3. New Routing using (14.13.1)
  • Data Accuracy will be enhanced because strict validations will be in place before data can be loaded.
  • THIS PROGRAM is not a typical CIM loading via file transfer like FTP. It interface directly from your Excel “Copy” into QAD directly! We are using a special propriety concept.
  • Estimated saving by Return-of-investment (ROI) will be less than 2-3 months after implementations.

Screen Example

Item Master Loading Screen