Protection for your Training Asset

  • You have invested heavily in the QAD software and the training for your people.
  • In most cases, you will expect your own staff to document down some kind of work procedures and instructions during or after the training.
  • Guess what, you will get all sorts of reasons for things not being done, like
  1. “No time”, already busy with work and implementation, cannot do more
  2. Don’t know how to use Powerpoint or Word properly
  3. Don’t know how to get started
  4. I started, but don’t know what to write
  • After implementing more than 100 sites over 12 years, we come to realized that, only 2 company out of the 100 may be doing “something” but only some department and not all department
  • So you realized, after 1 year after implementation, when you may have lots of new staffs due to growth, they need to be trained all of them again
  • Doesn’t all these sounds too familiar?

The Solution

  • ERP Consulting LLP understands the needs of its customer well enough.
  • Instead of burdening your staff with documentation on top of their day-to-day work and implementation training, you should invest in a quality training system which can have a payback in less than 3 months.
  • We will update these sets of documentation to include your company logo and screen shots which portray your company’s data and business processes.
  • We will customize the documentation to be exactly what you should be doing for a specific task. That is why we called it Work Instruction.

The End Result

  • You staff will just concentrate on the QAD training. The Work Instruction will be used as a training guide during the training and eventually be used as work Instructions after the course.
  • You can easily train a new employee or any internal transfer staff by asking them to go through the Work Instruction first before you confirm their understanding by going through with them.
  • As the Work Instruction is provided to you in Powerpoint, Word and Excel, you can update them to reflect any new business process changes.

Work Instruction Index-Gateway to all Training Materials

Work Instructions Template

  • Each Powerpoint is customized according to your company Logo and business processes.
    You will get
  1. Work Instruction Index
  2. Business Process Flow in Powerpoint
  3. 80 Powerpoint Detail Work Instructions
  4. 5 Excels to support data management
  • The installation will be to a central serve for the company and only 1 short-cut link file is required to activate everything.

Work Instruction Responsibility Index

Detail step by step on how to do PO Receipt

Using SCOR as a reference in documenting the Business Process

Sample view of all the Business Process in your company

Detail Image of a Typical Supplier Receiving process