Repeatable & Consistent QAD system Rollout to multi sites

  • Your CEO has requested you to rollout 8 Manufacturing sites across 4 countries in 12 months, each taking 2-3 months long.
  • You are already having problem with the pilot site with the current consultants and users.
  • Your job is on the line as you don’t know which Project Manager is able to handle such a mammoth task.
  • Who do you call? [Clue: Not Ghostbusters]

The Solution

  • ERP Consulting LLP has managed 4 large MNC clients who has the same request in the last 18 years. We can tell you it is definitely not an easy tasks but it is definitely achievable.
  • Not only we are able to implement it successfully with 100% on-time and UNDER-BUDGET, we also help the customer to clinch the QAD Achiever Award from QAD in doing so!
  • Doing this is definitely not for the faint hearted consultant as this is really a mammoth project which require a lot of consistency from each site.
  • There are a few keys tips and requirements for this to get started.

The Secret for a Successful Project Rollout

  • Strong and qualified Project Manager
  • Strong endorsements from corporate team, company stakeholders and key managers
  • Central Data Management and Migration team
  • Using Standardized Deployment Toolkit
  • Proven Pilot Site implementation
  • One single set of training materials
  • Using local language Consultants
  • Frequent Communication on project Status
  • Recognize project team member contribution with reward system recognition

What is in the Rollout Template

  • Inside the QAD Project Rollout template, you will get
    • Project Management Rollout templates
    • Data Migration Programs (Customized to your legacy system)
    • CDS Deployment and critical Business Process Toolkits
    • Quality Training Materials
    • Quality Work Instructions


  • Surfing from Project to Project thru the wave with success