ERP Consulting LLP adopted Project Management Institute (PMI) standard for all its project undertaking.

In the simplest terms, a project is a unique temporary endeavor, with a set beginning and end. Using this broad definition, projects exist in every industry worldwide, from automotive and construction, to aerospace and software. It is easy to see how project managers — those professionals who manage projects consistently with time-tested processes — are a vital part of the global workforce. Project managers contribute to quality, efficiency and business results across the enterprise.

More formally, PMI defines project management as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project.”

We have more than 18 years of QAD implementation on more than 110 sites worldwide experiences.

When it comes to successful and measurable project delivery, we understand client’s needs on how to measure success factor.

We even designed and tailored Project Management Template & Toolkit for any QAD implementation, be it a one-time single company implementation or a regional or worldwide rollout, we have the right PM toolkit designed for it.

QAD implementation is already costly enough; you do not want to have it ruined because one of the checklists is not performed. For example, the following are typically project failure points:-

  • Database is not tuned for performance
  • Consultant is not qualified
  • Testing schedule are not built in the project
  • Project team member do not know what to do next
  • Training for end-users is poorly executed
  • Data Migration is not planned properly
  • System integration is overlooked

Once we are assigned to undertake your QAD project, you can rest assured that it can be successful after an evaluation of “Project Due Diligence” is passed. If we believe the project is not going to be successful due to certain reason, we tell you so in advance so we can salvage the project from getting worst.

One of the fundamental for a good QAD Project Manager is the knowledge of a manufacturing company needs.




Our Project Manager is also CPIM certified (Certified in Production and Inventory Management) by APICS. Equipped with CPIM, we can

  • Increased functional knowledge of production and inventory management.
  • Improve efficiency across the processes of your organization’s supply chain.
  • Streamline operations through accurate forecasting.
  • Predict outcomes more accurately.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction by delivering products and services Just-in-Time.
  • Increase profitability by optimizing your organization’s inventory investment.
  • Enhance your credibility among peers, employers, and customers.

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