ERP Consulting LLP provides professional technical services for any company who are implementing QAD solutions.Normally when QAD is being installed, the default setting would be used for most implementation. The hardware system would not be tuned for high user counts and probably nobody bother to look into the hard disk configurations for PROGRESS database environment.We will provide you a proprietary technical blueprint before the implementation starts to ensure the implementation is successful.

The Technical Blueprint will cover the following areas

  • Hardware
  • Database
  • User Interface
  • Data Migration and Data Management


You need to tune the “kernel” parameters for the Unix/Linux operating system to operate for transactional database environment.

You need to configure the harddisk to operate for PROGRESS databases.

How many hard disks do I start with?
What is the backup system requirement?
Should you use RAID 5?
How about the home user directory?
Do you need mirrored hard disks?
Should you use SAN configurations?
How do I do backup? Disk-to-Disk? Disk-to-Tape?

How about printer model recommendation for China and Taiwan, why is it not printing correctly?


PROGRESS database performance is at it’s peak if you use the correct indexes and there are many indexes which can be built for performance reason. You do not want to do this after implementation as there is downtime involved and the database would be fragmented.

The PROGRESS database startup parameter tuning can improve performance from 300-500% easily if you know how to tune it.

Many company change the code pages to the specific language of their country and that make life very difficult in data exchange and DBA job to keep track.

Should you use AI?

We can provide a 3 days training session for the DBA to learn on how to manage the PROGRESS database by starting off with the fundamental of PROGRESS DB with QAD application.

User Interface

Near to 100% of the implementation I have done is still using the old terminal character base. Most of our customers on GUI or Desktop switch back to telnet due to performance reason. You need to invest in a good emulation software that can be configured properly.

Many users don’t even know the features for function keys F5,F6,F7,F11,F12 and many “PAGE” output is being paged byandarrow.

Since you face QAD application everyday via this interface, we must make sure we start off right in the first place.

We will recommend and configure all these correctly before you get started with the training.

Data Migration and Management

This is always the least visible in the radar for any implementation and hardly budgeted for. This is also the success and failure of all implementation that I have seen myself over the last 18 years. People just don’t learn that “Data Migration and Management” is the key success factor in any ERP implementation.

We at ERP consulting LLP will actually focus on this area of concern properly during Project Initiation to ensure that training is done actual data migrated from legacy system. We will make sure data import/export routine are catered for during the project trial migration and the data correctness is sign-off properly during each stages of the Data Verification exercise.

We guarantee all QAD implementation undertaking that we perform will not have any data related issues. We have so successfully on this area for the last 18 years and we can guarantee that or your implementation is free!