Optimize your QAD Investment by attending professional training conducted by a qualified trainer who is experience in the industry and QAD software.

ERP Consulting LLP has developed modular based training materials and the focus is by business process and key users.

Before we undertake any training, we would normally spend 3 days on understanding the company’s entire business processes first. We will map out the training modules the company really need and discard those which are redundant.

We will build the training materials with your company logo and recommended business processes.

The training materials can later serve as the future in-house new employee self learning-aid as sometimes even as ISO-9001 compliant training materials and Work Instructions.

If your company is trying to implement QAD and you have requested us to provide the training, we will make sure we use your data and never with the “QAD demo” database. We will configure all the necessary QAD Control Files to map to a typical business like yours.

We work with you to build a culture of continuous learning methodology and realize a measurable return on education eventually.

With comprehensive training from ERP Consulting LLP, you can

  1. Optimize the value of your ERP investment
  2. Shorter training time but effective to the key and end-users to reduce “training down time”
  3. Succession planning with existing and standardized training materials
  4. Reduce total cost of ownership by not asking external trainer for re-training again

We offer professional certifications for the courses attended and you can be assured of the high standard required before the certification is handed out.

Please refer to our product catalog on QAD Training Template.